MyNAS Features

MyNAS Storage Appliance v1.4 has the following features:

Intuitive Web UI

The MyNAS WebUI has been developed with simplicity in mind to help you configure the system. Simple wizards help you through getting tasks done to help you get quickly setup and running.

Storage Technology based on the ZFS on Linux project

The ZFS on Linux project provides the core storage functionality for MyNAS, providing capabilities such as snapshots, compression, de-duplication and much more.

Data Shares

MyNAS Data Shares allow you to access your data from Windows, Apple OS X and Unix systems. MyNAS also supports Apple TimeMachine to enable you to backup your Apple OS X system seamlessly

Windows ‘Previous Versions’

When utilising MyNAS snapshot’s of your data, you are able to revert to a previous version of a file using Windows built in ‘Previous Versions’ capabilities.

Data Encryption

Keep your data safe by encrypting your data when it is stored on MyNAS.

Cloud Integration

Store your most important data in the cloud by using one of the integrated cloud storage providers. Keep your data safe in the cloud by replicating encrypted data only.

Advanced Authentication

Create your own Active Directory Domain or join an Existing Active Directory domain to provide advanced authentication to access your data shares

iSCSI Targets

Provide the capability to utilise MyNAS to easily present storage to other computers on your network.

MiniDLNA Server

MyNAS includes an enhanced MiniDLNA Server that supports the stitching of movie VOB files together as a single movie. The DLNA Server can serve digital content such as your movies, music and pictures throughout your home.

Transmission BitTorrent Client

MyNAS includes the Transmission BitTorrent client to enable the centralisation of downloading any content that you desire to download. Additionally, this content is automatically served via the MiniDLNA Server should this be requested.

XBMC Central Database Support

MyNAS also supports being configured as an XBMC Central Database. This allows all your XBMC clients to have a single repository of data about your media content.

Squid Proxy Server

MyNAS also includes a Squid Proxy server to help cache files from the Internet. This helps save your Internet bandwidth a little where often accessed images and content can be served locally rather than being fetched from the Internet each time.


MyNAS includes Xen 4.6 to provide virtualisation capabilities. This allows you to run a number of additional virtual environments within MyNAS to utilise either the ZFS Storage or free processing capacity for other tasks.