About MyNAS

MyNAS® Storage Appliance is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) platform to store your data in a robust and secure manner by leveraging enterprise technology provided by OpenZFS. MyNAS® Storage Appliance utilises these enterprise features in addition to providing at-rest data encryption to keep your data safe – be it at home or in a Small to Medium Business (SMB) environment.

MyNAS® Storage Appliance provides the capability for you to access your data seamlessly from Windows, OSX or Unix systems, or carve out data volumes via iSCSI. Secure access to your data with user permissions or by integrating with Active Directory. Recover unwanted data changes by utilising snapshots or rolling back file versions with Windows Previous Versions. Backup your Apple OSX systems by utilising Time Machine to MyNAS® Storage Appliance.

MyNAS® Storage Appliance provides the capability to ‘do more with less’ by integrating Xen Virtualisation capabilities. This allows you to save money, energy and time by consolidating systems onto your MyNAS® Storage Appliance.

MyNAS® Storage Appliance integrates with Cloud Replication Partners such as Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Google Storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and ownCloud providers. When using Cloud Replication MyNAS® Storage Appliance provides Cloud Retention Policies for it’s users to store and retain data in the cloud according to their rules and requirements. In the event of accidental deletion, these cloud policies can automatically restore your data if configured.

Unlike other NAS solutions, MyNAS® Storage Appliance does not lock you into a hardware platform or storage size limitations – feel free to create and grow your storage as you need for your requirements.

Who is behind MyNAS Storage Appliance?

Alex Braunegg is the founder and sole developer behind the MyNAS® Storage Appliance. MyNAS® Storage Appliance was initially developed after looking at available technologies within the home NAS market space. Of the solutions that provided ZFS as an integrated technology, none provided the additional capabilities being sought, or were overly complex in administration. After a few friends in Melbourne, AU experienced data loss on their systems / laptops due to silent corruption, hardware failure, dropping single backup drives onto hard surfaces – an early version of MyNAS® Storage Appliance was provided to them as a solution for keeping their data safe. From that point on MyNAS® Storage Appliance was born as a viable alternative NAS solution which has an increasing growing number of users worldwide.

Alex has worked in the Technology industry for over 20+ years in various roles globally, bringing a wealth of security, product management, development and end user experiences to the table in developing MyNAS® Storage Appliance. Alex’s day job however is within the financial services industry working for ANZ Bank in Melbourne, AU as a Solution Architect for the Payments and Transaction Banking Portfolio as an Infrastructure and Security SME.