Download MyNAS Storage Appliance

Download MyNAS® Storage Appliance v2.0 30 Day Evaluation

There are two download options for MyNAS® Storage Appliance. Use the links below to download the most applicable file for you.

Installation Media

This file is suitable for installing MyNAS® Storage Appliance on physical or virtual hardware where you wish to customise the installation

MyNAS Storage Appliance v2.0 Installation Media

Release Date: 26/5/2019
MD5SUM: 726eafa0751fcf3460a4bfb60bb130de

Virtual Appliance

This file is suitable for testing and trialing MyNAS® Storage Appliance on VMware and Oracle Virtual Box.

The OVA file is preconfigured with the following hardware specification:

  • 1 vCPU
  • 2GB Memory
  • 1 x 10GB OS Disk Thin Provisioned
  • 2 x 5GB Data Disk Thin Provisioned

By default, the following passwords are defined for the ‘admin’ and ‘enable’ accounts:

  • Admin Access Account Password: AdminAccess
  • Enable Access Account Password: EnableAccess
MyNAS Storage Appliance v2.0 OVA

MD5SUM: 35ceb1541fab066dbfcad95f680b3bdf