Why MyNAS® Storage Appliance?

Ask yourself this question: Where do I store all my important digital assets today – assets such as photo’s, video’s, taxation documents, school projects or assignments, work documents, email, backups?

In today’s society, it is fairly rare to not have some form of a digital footprint – from taking photo’s to Facebook, email, typing up that essay for class – we all create some form of digital data that is saved on our devices at work or at home. We all have that 1 photo, video or document we do not want to loose.

It was not that long ago that our important data such as student assignments was stored on ‘good old’ floppy disks – and then we saved many times to different disks as a backup. We acted like this as it was common for our main floppy disk to fail or become corrupt – right when we need it the most (Murphy’s Law). Whilst technology has significantly improved the reliability of our devices and systems we seem to have taken a backward step in our reliance on having multiple backups to keep our data safe. 

Regardless of technological advances, these devices and systems are not immune to failure – malware and malicious activities plague us today in one shape or another; disk corruption can and does occur on a frequent basis, with the corruption sometimes occurring silently in the background without you knowing.

So back to the original question – where do you store all your important digital data? On your laptop, on your desktop, on an external portable drive? What happens if any one of those fail? Will you loose all your data? What happens if it get’s lost, damaged (fire, water, dropped, crushed) or stolen? Can you somehow recover your important data? 

MyNAS® Storage Appliance provides an easy-to-use solution for you to store all your important digital data in a robust and secure manner by utilising enterprise grade technology so that you can be confidant that your data integrity is assured and your important digital data is safe.