About MyNAS

About MyNAS® Storage Appliance

MyNAS® Storage Appliance is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) platform designed and developed to store your important digital data in a robust and secure manner by leveraging enterprise technology provided by OpenZFS.

MyNAS® Storage Appliance seamlessly provides access to your data from Windows, OSX or Unix systems. Control access to your data with user permissions or by integrating with Microsoft Active Directory.

Secure your important digital data with encryption-at-rest to protect your data in the event of unauthorised access or theft.

Recover from unwanted data changes easily by utilising Data Share snapshots and Microsoft Windows Previous Versions. Backup OSX by utilising in-built Time Machine capabilities.

Replicate your important digital data to Cloud Replication Partners such as Amazon, Backblaze, Google, Dropbox, Microsoft and ownCloud. Utilise Cloud Retention Policies to store and retain data in the cloud according to your requirements. Automatically recover from accidental deletion quickly.

Backup your important digital data to an external USB disk or external system with ease, additionally protecting your important data against accidental loss, hardware failures, theft or loss.

Unlike other NAS solutions, MyNAS® Storage Appliance does not lock you into any hardware platform or storage size limitations – feel free to create and grow your storage as your requirements change. 

MyNAS® Storage Appliance can be installed on your platform of choice – from your physical hardware to VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V or Oracle VirtualBox.